Onions and Peppers



Pensive Spectator

Pensive Spectator

This gentlemen was sitting among a crowd at the Door County Plein Air Festival in Wisconsin.  He  was in one of several photos I took at the event and I was drawn to paint him.  I love the thoughtful look on his face.  I wish I would have introduced myself and gotten his name. If anyone who was at the event knows this man, feel free to put us in contact.

The corner edge


I painted with the MOPAPA group on Jauary 26 at  the Shaw Nature Reserve.  It was a beauiful day, but very windy, with gust of wind that blew my whole set-up over.  Luckily everything was intact except for my turp.  Thanks to everyone  who was kind enough to supply me with more turp.

Governor Bates House-Thornhill


I did this painting at Faust Park with my friend Dawn. We both painted similar scenes of the Gov. Bates house.  An event was  taking place with a lot of visitors wandering around the grounds.  I  tried to capture some figures in the scene…..Can you see them?   After painting and lunch, James, Dawn, and I hiked in the mature forest, admiring the huge trees. We decided to come back in the spring to see all the wildflowers blooming.

Missouri Painter