Which way?


January 11, 2014  This is a painting I did with my friend Dawn Wagner at the Shaw Nature Reserve.  It was after the huge snow storm that shut down the schools and some  businesses for a week.  The total snow fall was ten inches, with an artic blast lasting a few days.  The meltdown started yesterday with rain all day, and tempertures in the 40’s.  The snow was melting fast today, and will melt even faster tomorrow with tempertures in the 50’s. This is a 8×10.




This is a studio piece I did using photos I took for reference.  I love to paint chickens of various breeds, along with their expressive facial features.  I am not painting specific details of certain breeds, but just painting to be expressive with color. This piece is a 16 x 20.

Mertz Cabin


This painting was done in summer at Faust Park with my friend Dawn Wagner.  The cabin, called Mertz cabin is beautifully designed with garden flowers, and herbs of various kinds, intertwined with walkways of colorful bricks.  This painting is 12 x 16.

Missouri Painter